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Tangle Master 3D Mod Apk (infinite money) unlocked

Tangle Master 3D Mod Apk Master to untie the knot It is an interesting and very fun game that is made with a simple idea, but it is very creative and interesting. This beautiful game was made by Rollic Games Studio in Turkey and published for free on Google Play. In Tangle Master 3D, you have the task to solve puzzles and puzzles in the form of tied ropes at each stage of the game and untie these knots. get the mod version from ApkDip.


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Game info

NameTangle Master 3D
DeveloperRollic Games
Android Version Required4.4+
Last UpdateAugust 06, 2022

When you untie all the nodes, that step ends. The whole game continues in the same way, but the initial stages of the game are very simple and very easy. Just a few steps of the Tangle Master 3D game, little by little, its difficult and challenging conditions will appear.

In Tangle Master 3D Everything is designed to be fancy and simple. Each stage of the game lasts a few minutes, which of course depends on your ability to understand and solve puzzles. The gameplay is very simple and it is done by selecting the ropes and changing their location. At the beginning of each stage of the game, several ropes are tied together.

At first, these ropes are two numbers, but the more you follow the game, the more they will increase and the difficulty of the game will increase. Your main goal in Tangle Master 3D is to separate these ropes from each other so that each one is connected directly from the top to the bottom. The game requires a special focus, but after a few hands of the game, you can understand its anxiety. You can earn points and money by playing each game.