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Tap Jump Mod Apk (infinite diamond) unlocked

Tap Jump Mod Apk Chase Dr. Blaze Jumping Heroes The chase of Dr. Blaze is a simple but extremely attractive and entertaining game in the style of arcade games, which has been released as a free game from the Austrian studio ClockStone STUDIO with in-app payment capabilities. Tap Jump Chase Dr. Blaze is a very lovable title that can easily entertain you for a long time with its many charms, including eye-catching graphics and smooth gameplay. In this game, you are not faced with a complicated story, nor heavy graphics, nor premium gameplay, and you are just dealing with a simple but exciting and attractive game. During the game, all your mission and priority is one thing, and that is jumping up. get the mod version from ApkDip.


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Game info

NameTap Jump
DeveloperClockStone STUDIO
Android Version Required4.4 and up
Last UpdateSeptember 24, 2021

Features of Tap Jump:

  • Simple controls, multifaceted jump & roll gameplay!
  • Lots of challenging levels packed with fun, dangers and hidden secrets!
  • Unlock and upgrade new adorable characters
  • Master additional challenges in each level to win trophies
  • Find secrets for gifts and new characters!
  • Use all kinds of catapults, activate switches, and perform daredevil manoeuvers between moving platforms
  • it’s all the bells and whistles of platforming fun

The story of Tap Jump Chase Dr. Blaze It belongs to a fantasy land where funny and small animals live in peace. Everything is good and lovely in this land until one day an evil doctor named Dr. For his scientific research, Blaze decides to take certain creatures from this land by force and perform various experiments on them. These cute little creatures are called Bubbles. The only thing they can do during the abduction is to release various jellies along the way so that you can find and collect them and find the way to their abduction.

You as the protagonist, decide to help your friends and pursue Dr. Blaise in a dangerous adventure! But Dr. Naughty puts various traps to stop you along the way. The style and context of the game is very simple, but its general nature is in turn very challenging and of course creative. The game process is followed by your long jumps upwards. Each stage of the game Tap Jump! – Chase Dr. Blaze follows in the same way, and in all these stages, which become more difficult as you progress through them, you have to jump up and follow your challenging adventure by dodging the traps.