Taxi Sim 2022 Evolution Mod Apk (infinite money) v1.3.2

Taxi Sim 2022 Evolution Mod Apk (infinite money) unlocked Download

Taxi Sim 2022 Evolution Mod Apk is a special version of 2022 from the popular and popular Taxi Sim game series. This game is produced by the Ovidiu Pop game studio and released for free for the Android operating system. This Romanian company specializes in the development of driving simulator games and has published several different titles in this field from different categories to date. get the mod version from ApkDip.


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Game info

NameTaxi Sim 2022 Evolution
DeveloperOvidiu Pop
Android Version Required5.0
Last UpdateJuly 23, 2022

Features of Taxi Sim 2022 Evolution Mod Apk:

  • Amazing selection of different types of vehicles
  • Huge cities to explore
  • Realistic Controls (tilt steering, buttons or virtual steering wheel)
  • 2020 updated engine sounds
  • Realistic vehicle features (you car will get dirty or require repairs)
  • Visual Tuning options
  • Spectacular environments and weather
  • Realistic city traffic (cars, vans, trucks, motorcycles, bicycles)
  • Diverse and realistic pedestrian traffic
  • Career, Free Roam and Multiplayer modes
  • New cars and challenges added weekly
  • Request new vehicles or features on our Social Pages!

many special and fundamental changes

Taxi Sim 2022 has come to continue the legacy of the last version of this series, Taxi Sim 2016, with much more power. The time gap between the production and release of these two games is almost 4 years. During this time, Ovidiu Pop has worked on many special and fundamental changes to make Taxi Sim 2022 with better features and a stronger structure.

role of a taxi driver

In the taxi simulator game 2022, you are in the role of a taxi driver or a personal driver (like internet taxis) and your task in the stage part of this game is to perform several missions. These missions include finding passengers on the map, referring to their location, and taking them to their destination. For these missions, special challenges will come your way, and realistic gameplay is one of these.

good graphics, realistic points

Just like driving in the real world, in Taxi Sim 2022 Evolution It should also be realistic points such as wearing a seat belt, turning on and off the lights, changing gears, etc. In terms of designs, this game has provided very good graphics, which is significant for its size. As it was said, one of the main priorities of this game was its realism for the designers.

destructibility of cars Mod

This realism in graphic details can also be recognized well, but still you should not expect a super graphic and heavy game. The game makers have avoided some things to reduce the final volume and optimize the graphics. For example, the destructibility of cars Mod in this game is not something that will make you happy!

dynamic street movements

There is no news about the body of the cars being damaged due to strong impacts, but the movements, the possibility of encountering various items in the street or on the side of the street have turned this game from a dry state into a dynamic one.

motorcyclists or even pedestrians

Also, another very interesting point in Taxi Sim 2022, which is less seen in similar games, is the possibility of running over motorcyclists or even pedestrians! In general, it should be said that this game has released a fun and strong title for players interested in simulation games by combining a smooth and professional gameplay along with appropriate graphics and real voices.