Terraforming Mars Apk v1.2101 Full paid Free Download

Terraforming Mars Apk Full paid Free Download

Terraforming Mars Apk is a customer-centric mobile strategy game in which your goal is to transform and make the customer level habitable for human life as the main person in charge of this project. Made by Asmodee Digital You have the ability to directly supervise the construction work and you have to find and manage the materials you need, build big cities and vast forests and endless oceans and put them in the right place so that you can achieve the goals in Achieve the game and win the prizes in the game. get the mod version from ApkDip.


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Game info

NameTerraforming Mars
DeveloperAsmodee Digital
Android Version Required6.0 and up
Last UpdateApril 14, 2021

Features of Terraforming Mars Apk:

  • Official adaptation of the famous board game Jacob Fryxelius
  • You can advance the game online by challenging your friends (maximum 5 people) or play offline alone
  • A strategy game that adds companies that you have to compete with based on economics and advances in technology.
  • Solo Challenge: Before the extinction of the human race, finish Mars and provide a place to live
  • Try 14 new rules and features with the most challenging solo mode on the planet (red).

Terraforming Mars In the game Scanner, your client must use your cards correctly and wisely to get the most habitable and by increasing the temperature and oxygen level to reach your goal to build the planet oceans. Make yourself more habitable for future generations. You can earn more points by building cities, infrastructure and other adventure projects. In this game, you have to consider the rival companies because they are in your way and prevent you from progressing fast.

Achieve a great Terraform rank by increasing temperature and oxygen levels or creating oceans… Make the planet habitable for future generations! Earn victory points by building cities, infrastructure and other ambitious projects. But be careful! Competitive companies will try to slow you down… For example, an asteroid may fall on the forest you have created .. Can you take humanity to a new era? A scary race begins now!