The Birdcage Mod Apk (free purchase) v1.0.7709 Download

The Birdcage Mod Apk (free purchase) unlocked Download

The Birdcage game Mod Apk is a very interesting intellectual game for Android, developed and published by MobiGrow game studio. This attractive game has been one of the most popular games in the Apple Store and has been able to attract the opinion of various users. Now the creators of this attractive title have released the Android version for Android users to taste it. get the mod version from ApkDip.


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Game info

NameThe Birdcage
Android Version Required4.4
Last UpdateOctober 11, 2022

Features of The Birdcage Mod Apk:

  • Designing attractive and unique locations
  • It has wonderful and unique graphics
  • It has an amazing story
  • Suitable for all ages
  • Regular updates
  • Has simple and intuitive controllers
  • There are different types of birds
  • Countless cages to release
  • Optimized for Android tablets and phones
  • Trying to bring the wind back to the sky

very attractive intellectual game

As mentioned, The Birdcage game is a very attractive intellectual game for Android, by installing and running it, you can enter the world of birds. You will see all kinds of cages and you have to try to save the birds from them.

All the cages are locked by a key

All the cages are locked by a key and you can unlock the cages only by getting the keys. But the main challenge happens right here when trying to find the key. In each stage and to open each cage, you will be faced with fascinating intellectual puzzles and you have to solve puzzles to be able to free the birds.

free all the beautiful birds

The story of the game narrates the story of a king who is saddened by the loss of his child and therefore decided to free all the beautiful birds from their cages and release them into the sky. You have to help him to open the hatches and release the birds.

unlock these cages by solving different puzzles

in The Birdcage game, you have to unlock these cages by solving different puzzles, which contain many birds of different species. Release the beautiful birds in the sky again, so try your best to solve the puzzles and riddles with your intelligence and leave behind to unlock these cages with all your skill. This game has been able to attract a lot of fans with the high score it has achieved so far.

beautiful and lovely birds

Here are different types of beautiful and lovely birds imprisoned in different cages that you have to rescue them by solving puzzles and riddles and give them freedom. Different types of puzzles and riddles are designed that can be solved with a little thought and you can go through the steps.

fan of puzzles and intellectual games

If you feel that you are a fan of puzzles and intellectual games, without a doubt this game will be one of the best for you and will attract your attention, so be with us and enjoy yourself for hours by receiving the download link from the Silo website. Get busy with it.