The Pirate Plague Of The Dead Mod Apk (money, skill) v2.9.2

The Pirate Plague Of The Dead Mod Apk (infinite money, skill) unlocked

The Pirate Plague of the Dead Mod Apk is a game of action is very attractive for Android is a continuation of the first successful edition of the Games by Game Studios Home Net Games and published. By playing this fascinating game, you can enter the open seas of the world as a pirate and start your work. The story of the game will be a continuation of the previous version and you can become an invincible and very powerful pirate and take action to fight your enemies. A group of the dead using the magic of one of the enemies You have risen and come to fight you, and you must identify the trick of the enemy in order to fight them. get the mod version from ApkDip.


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Game info

NameThe Pirate Plague Of The Dead
DeveloperHome Net Games
Android Version Required4.4
Last UpdateSeptember 17, 2022

Features of The Pirate Plague Of The Dead:

Unlock unique ships and historic captains from the golden age of pirates

  • Travel to explore the world in unknown waters full of enemies, treasure islands, smuggler bases, cities, etc.
  • Explore the Caribbean, conquer various cities, trade and discover treasure and hidden places
  • The existence of a system of looting, trading and building to earn gold and upgrade your ship
  • Expand your fleet and become a great power in intense naval battles
  • Impressive visual graphics
  • Realistic physics and dynamic day and night cycles and different weather systems

As mentioned, The Pirate Plague of the Dead is a very attractive action game that you can play to become a legendary pirate and fight your enemies. It is possible to open different and old ships and you can upgrade your ships by spending gold and be more powerful in battles. You will travel freely in different seas and you can find treasure islands and trade with different cities.

The most exciting part of the sea battle game is that in which you can fight the enemies with your ships and cannons, and by selecting the best points and critical moments, you can quickly form towards the enemies and sink their ships. do. The game’s graphics are also very well designed and are three-dimensional, and you can enjoy the very beautiful and attractive environment as well as its easy and exciting gameplay by playing the game.