Unicorn Blocker Apk Full Pro unlocked v1.9.9.5 For Android

Unicorn Blocker Apk Pro unlocked Full version For Android

Unicorn Blocker Apk By blocking ads it saves data and also speeds Internet browsing by up to 3 times, which in turn increases battery life by 5%.Of course, the various ads you see on websites these days are also harassing you. These ads are found on various websites and are very annoying when viewing a site, especially on mobile phones. If you are using Samsung phones running Android 5.0 and higher, we recommend using the Unicorn Blocker for Samsung app that is offered to remove website ads. get the full paid version from ApkDip.

Unicorn Blocker Patched

Ads can up to four times the amount of internet usage the user consumes, eliminating these ads by up to four times saving your internet usage and extending your device’s battery life by up to 5%. Note that this application is currently only available on Samsung and yandex browsers.

Unicorn Blocker Mod

These ads also consume a large amount of Internet users and slow down websites. Today we have an app available to fix this problem.Unicorn Blocker: Adblocker, Fast & Private is a powerful application for blocking and removing annoying ads, specifically for the Android operating system, developed by Unicorn Soft, Inc. and priced at $ 1.99 on Google Play.

Unicorn Blocker Full

Features of Unicorn Blocker Apk :

  • Block ads on Samsung phones
  • Ability to block promotional videos
  • Block ads that are first hidden and then revealed
  • Block pop-up ads
  • Block ads that waste internet traffic
  • Block the ads that are tracking

Unicorn Blocker Supported Browser:

  • Samsung Internet 4.0 or higher required.
  • Yandex Browser

Blocking ads in the Samsung browser:

  • Blocking annoying video ads (Samsung browser)
  • Blocking ads that are initially hidden and then popping up
  • Blocking ads that appear suddenly
  • Blocking ads that cause Data Loss
  • Blocking Sexual Ads and Tracking

Websites With Blocked Ads

  • Over 1,000 Important Mobile / Computer Websites
  • Forums
  • Press
  • Portals
  • Blogs

App info

NameUnicorn Blocker
DeveloperUnicorn Soft, Inc.
Android Version Required4.1+
Last UpdateMarch 12, 2020


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