Virtual Slime Mod Apk (unlocked) v4.7.6 Download

Virtual Slime Mod Apk (unlocked) Download

Virtual Slime Mod Apk An simulation game From Cider Software LLC, it is the most real slime simulator. Slimes are a paste made with a jelly shape for children to play with, and come in any shape they want. Virtual Slime works just like a real slime, includes recorded slime sounds, and satisfactorily reduces stress and increases relaxation. So realistically you will think this is a real slime. You can play with your slims in the form of a ball or a flat form. Create three-dimensional decorations. get the mod version from ApkDip.


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Game info

NameVirtual Slime
DeveloperCider Software LLC
Android Version Required5.0 and up
Last UpdateSeptember 14, 2022

Features of Virtual Slime Mod Apk:

  • Very realistic simulation, you think Slime is real.
  • Play with your slimes as a ball, hoop, star or flat.
  • 3D decorations that really move and rotate like a slime.
  • Shine in dark slimes! Shiny slimes! Gorgeous slimes! Icy slimes! Holographic slimes, jelly slims, Fluff slims! Fish ball slimes!
  • Make a slime
  • Mix your slimes in a bowl or blender.
  • See the animation through the mixer with real animated gears!
  • See your collection of slims in labeled or outside jars.
  • Earn coins by selling Slime
  • Sell slimes to earn coins that unlock new colors.
  • Make a slim and then send it to your customers.
  • Watch that your sludge is packed in a container and then a box and sealed for transport. Become a fan by recording your videos
  • Record videos of your game with your slimes that you can play at any time.
    Become a popular slimmer by gaining virtual followers by recording videos.
  • Exchange gifts
  • Share slime gifts with your friends.
  • Customize gift wrapping and ribbon.

Mix the ingredients for making the slime in a bowl, and make the slime. Sell ​​slims to earn coins and unlock new colors with coins. When working with Slim, take playable videos of them and collect followers with them and become a famous slimmer. Share Slim Gifts with your friends.

Thanks to the creativity of the creators, the game Virtual Slime Just like a real slime. The game’s graphics are stunning and very close to reality, and the high quality of the game’s three-dimensional space and the animations used in it will undoubtedly fascinate every gamer. The soundtracks are fantastic and include slide recordings. In addition, the color variety of the slims is very high and has multiplied their charm.