Warage Mod Apk (unlimited boost, level) v0.177

Warage Mod Apk (unlimited boost, level) unlocked

Warage Mod Apk is a classic RTS that takes you to a magical fantasy world. It is a strategy game published by Digital Garbage game studio for Android mobile devices. In this game you can: manage different units, build structures, upgrade the army, collect gold, chop wood and many more. get the mod version from ApkDip.


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Game info

DeveloperDigital Garbage
Android Version Required4.4
Last UpdateSeptember 04, 2022

Features of Warage Mod Apk:

  • Two complete campaigns with PvE missions (you can play them offline)
  • P PvP multiplayer up to 6 players
  • PvP team play 2v2, 3v3 etc.
  • Classic controls with the addition of new and convenient
  • batt large-scale PvP and PvE battles

Attention! Multiplayer PvP game requires a stable internet connection.

real-time strategy combat

Warage It’s exactly what you’d expect from a game of this style. This game sticks to the roots of real-time strategy combat games and is a classic game in every sense of the word.

control different military units

During the game, you control different military units and by collecting resources and managing them, you try to build different structures and expand and develop the areas under your control. Then, you upgrade your troops and prepare to explore other areas and add them to your control.

participate in many battles

In this way, you will face many challenges, one of which is dealing with enemies. During the game, you participate in many battles with your enemies, in which your success requires the use of different strategies and tactics.

face stronger enemies

Gradually, as you face stronger enemies, you need to change your strategies and fighting tactics so that you can handle new challenges and defeat your enemies.

very eye-catching graphic

Therefore, if these types of games are the ones that appeal to you, Warage can be the right game for your taste and satisfy you. It should be noted that this game uses a modern and very eye-catching graphic environment and has good sound effects that can undoubtedly multiply the appeal of this game for you.