Warplanes Online Combat Mod Apk (infinite money) v1.4.2

Warplanes Online Combat Mod Apk (infinite money) unlocked Download

Warplanes Online Combat Mod Apk Is the title of a game in the action genre that has been published by Home Net Games game studio for Android devices. As the name implies, Warplanes: Online Combat is an airplane war game and is actually the sequel to Warplanes: WW2 Dogfight and the third game in the popular Warplanes game series. So if you are one of those gamers who love action games and do not exchange war games with any other game, Warplanes: Online Combat can be a good choice for you! get the mod version from ApkDip.


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Game info

NameWarplanes Online Combat
DeveloperHome Net Games
Android Version Required4.4
Last UpdateSeptember 23, 2022

Features of Warplanes Online Combat Mod Apk:

  • FIGHT ONLINE, Be the best pilot
  • Multiplayer Warplanes: WW2 Dogfight
  • Popular modes Like Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch and Battle Royale.
  • More than 80 historic aircraft from the RAF, Luftwaffe, American, Japanese and Soviet Air Forces with various customization, coloring and upgrade options.
  • Dozens of maps with different weather, layout, weather and time of day
  • Create your own missions and campaigns in an easy-to-learn editor.
  • Precise 3D graphics optimized for older devices.

destroying your enemies

Warplanes: Online Combat puts you in the role of a World War II fighter pilot and sends you on various missions. In all of these missions, you have the task of destroying your enemies and gathering resources so that you can buy new planes or repair and upgrade your existing planes. By completing the missions, you can unlock the next missions and continue this cycle until all the map missions are completed.

Classic PVP Fight

This game does not have a specific story line and the whole game starts from the nest and ends at the dispatch site. Missions are presented in 4 modes. Deathmatch: Classic PVP Fight, Team Deathmatch: Lead Squadrons and Defeat Enemies, Last Man Standing: Last Airplane That Can Survive, Community Co-Op: Fight AI.

80 warplanes to choose from

More than 80 types of warplanes in Warplanes: Online Combat There are all of them World War II aircraft. Some of these planes include Spitfire, Il-2 Sturmovik, P-40, Ju 87 Stuka and many other planes that you will become more familiar with in the game.

gain experience

In Warplanes: Online Combat you can gain experience, get degrees, earn honorary medals, and try to improve your position as a skilled pilot in the world leaderboard. All in all, this game is a good game in every way and can undoubtedly bring you a great experience. Battle Royale mode of the game works very well and has a lot of online fan base. Planes are very diverse and special attention has been paid to details in their design.

realistic 3D graphics

The game’s 3D graphics are fantastic and look very realistic. The game map is very extensive and includes different weather conditions and day and night. The sound is great, and the sound of the aircraft engine and the firing of bullets convey the exciting atmosphere of aerial combat. The controls are very simple and mechanisms such as aiming, shooting, and maneuvering are not difficult at all.