Watcher Chronicles Mod Apk (unlimited gems) v1.3.4

Watcher Chronicles Mod Apk (unlimited gems) unlocked

Watcher Chronicles Mod Apk History of Lost Spirits is an attractive and well-made game by Third Sphere Game Studios in the style of role-playing titles and has been released for free but limited on Google Play. Watcher Chronicles is the first official game of Third Sphere Game Studios. Although this nameless studio does not have a powerful team and capital like many other game companies, but the developers of this fledgling studio have been able to get relatively good feedback from this work by presenting an attractive game. get the mod version from ApkDip.


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Game info

NameWatcher Chronicles
DeveloperThird Sphere Game Studios
Android Version Required9.0
Last UpdateAugust 09, 2022

Features of Watcher Chronicles Mod Apk:

  • Fast Skill Based Combat
  • Large Interconnected World
  • Local Co-op Multiplayer
  • Powerful Magic
  • Unique Weapons
  • Robust Streamlined RPG System
  • Relentless Bosses
  • New Game Plus

epic and fascinating story

Watcher Chronicles game With an epic and fascinating story, it will take you to the depths of supernatural legends. The story of the game follows in a fictional and legendary world of purgatory. Where a group of devils called Watchers decide to turn this purgatory into hell.

purgatory are creatures called lost souls

The inhabitants of this purgatory are creatures called lost souls, who will be forever forgotten and ruined when this place turns into hell. This is their only chance to deal with this unholy threat. So they decide to resist the evil army of Watchers and destroy their leader. This can only be done with unity and courage.

prevent the invasion of demonic forces

You are in the role of one of the heroes of the group of lost souls who are assigned to prevent the invasion of demonic forces. You will face many challenges and threats including dangerous bosses and giant evil bosses.

gameplay style is 2D Platformer

In the Watcher Chronicles game, you can follow a fascinating adventure in the form of a role-playing game. The gameplay style is 2D Platformer. You have the ability to use a wide range of different weapons against enemies.

challenging and relatively different

Don’t forget that the game process is challenging and relatively different from similar games, and that’s why it’s better to be familiar with battle tactics in such games. One of the most attractive features of Watcher Chronicles is the ability to play locally for two players.