What Magic Is This Td Mod Apk (hero, diamond) v1.1.4

What Magic Is This Td Mod Apk (hero, diamond) unlocked

What Magic Is This TD Mod Apk Magic Heroes is the first official game of Yalrix studio in the style of strategic games and tower defense from the category of casual and fun titles, which is released as a free game with in-app payments for Android devices. The What Magic Is This TD game was created and designed by adapting big games in TD or Tower Defense style. get the mod version from ApkDip.


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Game info

NameWhat Magic Is This Td
Android Version Required4.1
Last UpdateJuly 28, 2022

Features of What Magic Is This Td Mod Apk:

  • Entirely new mechanic
  • Upgradable skills and additional mages
  • Free-to-play: no need to pay for playing
  • 4 unique locations with powerful mages
  • Breathtaking and the most epic battles
  • Hard bosses that cannot be mastered the first time
  • Doesn’t require internet 100% offline
  • Optimized for phones and tablets based on Android OS.

combined with fantasy storytelling and epic characterizations

Most of the games published in this field are combined with fantasy storytelling and epic characterizations to have a greater impact on the audience. The game What Magic Is This TD is no exception to this rule, and its story and theme are told in an imaginary and fantasy world with magical heroes.

peacekeepers and heroes

In the game What Magic Is This TD You are peacekeepers and heroes tasked to protect the territory of a large but vital and strategic land. Your task is to fight against the enemy forces that are trying to break into your castle. If they can pass you and enter the castle, you will lose and the headquarters will fall into the hands of the enemy.

be the professional sorcerers

You are not ordinary soldiers or ordinary warrior forces, but you are skilled and professional sorcerers who have stepped in to help innocent people. You can use all kinds of magic against enemy forces. Like any other game in the tower defense style, What Magic Is This TD also has the ability to upgrade forces and various parts of the game.

attractive and exciting fighting

The creator of the game claimed that he used new and different mechanisms in the process of making the game, as a result of which the battles and the fighting process of the game have become more attractive and exciting.

travel 4 different locations

During the game, you travel to 4 different locations, including the big forest, the desert, the volcanic mountain, and the dangerous swamp, and in these locations you do your mission, which is to deal with the presence of the enemy.