Windwings 2 Mod Apk (infinite diamond) v0.0.84

Windwings 2 Mod Apk (infinite diamond) unlocked

WindWings 2 Mod Apk Galaxy Revenge is the second title of the series of WindWings games from the Vietnamese studio GCenter in the action and arcade style, which, like the first part, was released for free but with the ability to pay in-app. Is. This game is in the style of games known as Galaxy Shooter, of which hundreds of different versions have been released in the mobile game market these days. get the mod version from ApkDip.


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Game info

NameWindwings 2
Android Version Required4.4 and up
Last UpdateMarch 02, 2023

Features of Windwings 2 Mod Apk:

  • Players will assemble the right equipment into the fighter. Activate different attack modes after each hand drop.
  • Many creatures are uniquely designed with many different types of attacks.
  • Many levels are constantly updated, many different challenges for players to experience
  • Many warships, each with a different design and can be fitted with different assemblies. Players can customize, and combine richly.
  • In addition to the main ship, there are 2 assists to increase the ability to attack.
  • Upgrade your attack power, and aircraft speed with Laser missiles, mega-bombs, and item suction magnets.
  • The Game has a good balance difficulty, suitable for both beginners and hardcore gamers.
  • Lots of additional equipment helps the aircraft increase its combat capability.
  • Diverse missions and attractive rewards.
  • Harmoniously combined images and sounds will give players a great experience

comic-like cutscenes

But unlike almost most of these games, the WindWings series of games They are scenario oriented and adventurous. Even these games have comic-like cutscenes that make this franchise superior to many other games of the same category in this genre.

unique adventure

WindWings 2 Galaxy Revenge The story follows the first episode. Although this story is a cliché and is not considered a unique adventure, but at the same time it is an epic and exciting story that makes the game process more interesting and exciting. The story is related to the battle between two space armies.

Resist the wave of enemy

The first army, called the Galaxy Defenders, resisted the wave of enemy attacks, which are aliens from another galaxy, and managed to push back the enemy forces for a while. Now, after some time, the enemy has returned to the battlefield with a new army and more dangerous forces, and this time he intends to destroy the Milky Way galaxy forever.

defenders army of the galaxy

You are in the role of a heroic character from the army of defenders of the galaxy, who has been sent to space to fight against the enemy forces. You have to go into space on a warship and destroy the enemy forces before they reach the command centers and human territory.

upgrade your warship

In WindWings 2 In Galaxy Revenge, you can choose all kinds of destructive weapons and upgrade your warship. The battles of the game are exciting and challenging, and to resist the attacks of your enemies, you must have quick reactions to dodge the enemy’s arrows and at the same time have good skills to use your own weapons.