Yokai Hunter Shintaro Apk v1.0 (Full Paid) Free Download

Yokai Hunter Shintaro Apk (Full Paid) Free Download

Yokai Hunter Shintaro Apk is the title of the first official Rival3RD studio project in the style of arcade games, which has been released as a paid game for $4.49 for the Android operating system. Rival3RD Studio is one of the small independent game development studios with less than a handful of members. Of course, it should be noted that this studio is actually a start-up and has the potential for growth and development. get the mod version from ApkDip.


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Game info

NameYokai Hunter Shintaro
Android Version Required4.4
Last UpdateMay 15, 2022

Features of Yokai Hunter Shintaro Apk:

  • Challenging non-linear stages and bosses.
  • Choose between two characters with different ways of playing.
  • Unlock skills that will help you during the game progress.
  • Lore based on Japanese folklore.

classic retro Action Platformer

The first game of this studio was officially released in April 2022 for two platforms, Windows PC (via Steam Store) and Android (via Google Play), and at the same time, In the following, we will acquaint you more with the features and general nature of Yokai Hunter Shintaro game. This game is designed in the style of Arcade and adapted from the classic retro titles in the style of Action Platformer, and just like all platformer games, it has standard features.

epic story of two legendary heroes

Game Yokai Hunter Shintaro It tells the epic story of two legendary heroes who embark on a dangerous mission to calm down and destroy the demons after Yokai forces attack the village of humans. Yokai is actually the legendary and classic name of a Japanese kingdom in Japanese folk culture that is controlled by spirits.

Yucca is often associated with negative characters and evil creatures who were against ordinary people in ancient Japanese culture and aimed to destroy humans and the descendants of warriors and samurai under the command of the human kingdom.

stop an army of Yokai evil forces

In Yokai Hunter Shintaro, you have to stop an army of Yokai evil forces in the role of the main characters of the game and save the village from complete destruction by overcoming them. Two-dimensional designs and pixel graphics of the game Yukai Hunter: Shitaro reminds everyone of classic retro games. The game is followed from the front view and you can move forward or backward with the help of virtual buttons on the screen and fight enemies.

physical controllers

The game developer recommends using separate physical controllers for the game for a better and more enjoyable Yokai Hunter Shintaro experience. During the game Yokai Hunter Shintaro you will encounter many enemies, including dangerous and scary bosses. The gameplay, in turn, is challenging and challenging, and unlike the classic look, it will be challenging for many people.